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Maximilian Schwenger

Runtime Verification for
Cyber-Physical Systems

When physics is involved, there is only so much we can do at design time.

Robustness for Medical CPS

Medical devices can cause as much harm as they can prevent. So while the devices monitor the patient, it is up to us to monitor the devices. Unwarranted cardiac shocks and accidental high-dose radiation shall be no more.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Autonomous delivery, reconnaissance, heck, even aerial photography. Drones are amazing, granted they don't crash on our heads. So let's strive to prevent that.

Comprehensible Safety

Assistance systems boost traffic safety. Yet, public acceptance of autonomous cars requires more than outperforming human drivers. Cue: comprehensible dynamic verification.

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All the projects I'm most passionate about.

The Stream-Based Runtime Verification Framework
Rust Saar
When the demand for steel subsides, we produce Rust instead.
Popular Science
You should not need a PhD to stay up to date with science.
Intricate type checkers made easy.
More info on the Project Page
Never write \alpha \implies \beta in an email ever again.
Thesis Template
An opinionated template for beautiful, modern theses.

Some Professional Connections

Because working in isolation is just not my cup of tea.

German Aerospace Center

A longstanding and amazing cooperation.


Theoretical CS research meets practicality.

Check out our joint research project funded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with approximately €2m.
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Toyota Research Institute

Where research and application co-exist.

Check out my invited presentation at the TRI Cambridge office here.


Establishing intellect by withholding information is like inventing a currency just to feel rich.

University Classes

  • Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Seminar, Summer'21
  • Hybrid Systems
    Seminar, Summer'19
  • Embedded Systems
    Core Lecture, Summer'18
  • Time Machine
    Proseminar, Winter'17

Selected Presentations

  • Monitoring Cyber-Physical Systems: From Design to Integration
    Tutorial @ Runtime Verification 2021,
    Slides, Teaser (30sec), Video (2.5h), Paper
  • Verified Rust Monitors for Lola Specifications
    Research Paper @ Runtime Verification 2021,
    Slides, Teaser (30sec), Video (20min), Paper
  • Nobody’s Perfect: Monitoring Systems that Work Most of the Time
    Invited Talk @ TRI, Yale, NYU 2019,
  • From LTL to rLTL Monitoring
    Research Paper @ HSCC 2019,
    Slides, Paper

Rust Saar

  • Functional Programming
  • Structuring Data
  • Continuous Integration

Advised Theses

  • Monitoring HyperMTL (tentative)
    Rafael Dewes, Master Thesis, 2021
  • Robust Runtime Verification for Medical CPS
    Jessica Schmidt, Bachelor Thesis, 2021
  • Specification-Aided Trajectory Prediction with Recurrent Neural Networks
    Carsten Gerstacker, Master Thesis, 2020
  • Verifiable Runtime Monitor Generation for Lola Specifications
    Stefan Oswald, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Synthesizing Epistemic Specifications Using LTL Synthesis Tools
    Daniel Schäfer, Master Thesis, 2020
  • Tracing Correctness: A Practical Approach to Traceable Runtime Monitoring
    Jan Baumeister, Master Thesis, 2020
  • Monitoring Hybrid Automata
    Paul Bungert, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Learning the Desired Behavior for Causality Analyses
    Hendrik Leidinger, Master Thesis, 2019
  • Compiling Lola 2.0 to C
    Christoph Rosenhauer, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Runtime Verification of Critical Web-based Systems
    Marvin Hofmann, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Communication Rules for Static Networks
    Lukas Stemmler, Bachelor Thesis, 2018